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Before and After of Pia
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Before and after - Keisha maternity
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Before and after makeover
Before and After of Bozena
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Included in your Luxury Portrait Session

One-on-one consultation

In person styling and designing consultation.

Delicious snacks

Delicious, healthy snacks and Champagne.

Hair and Makeup

Beautifully and professionally done hair and makeup.

Several wardrobe changes

Up to 3 looks in standard session.

Fully guided photo shoot

So that you know you’ll look your best.

Great time at the session

Relaxed atmosphere — no rushing.

Fully retouched images

Your portraits will be “Magazine Cover” worthy.

Private portrait reveal session

Help selecting your portraits and products.

Satisfaction guaranteed

You will love your portraits or you buy nothing.

The $890 non-refundable session fee (includes $500 product credit) required at the time of booking.

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    What Clients Are Saying

    My photography session with Patricia was wonderful. The attention to detail with the process was so impressive! Patricia met with me in advance to explain the process from start to finish. The day that I arrived at her studio, she was prepared for the shoot with a lovely hair stylist/make-up artist who styled me. There were yummy snacks prepared, champagne, sparkling water and sweet treats. Everything to make me comfortable and feel at home. We had such a fun day and the photographing experience was amazing. I am so thrilled with the results! I’ve never thought of myself as photogenic and Patricia made me look and feel so beautiful. I highly recommend using Patricia for any of your Photography needs and ladies you must treat yourself to her model session. You will not be disappointed and you will never feel the same about your femininity.”

    Brigid 59, businesswoman, mom of 3 daughters

    Patricia was an absolute pleasure to work with. She provided me with the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen of myself. She really cares about the quality of her photographs & the comfort of her client. She offered me tea/coffee/food & even made sure the temperature in her Studio was just right. She is very caring & extremely talented. This was my second time seeing a photographer & I don’t think I will go to anyone but her , I felt very comfortable & confident with her.”

    Sarina 27, Talented Hair Stylist

    When I inquired about the photo session, my goal was to walk away with couple nice pictures of me and my daughter. All I wanted was to have my daughter’s beautiful face to look at while she is away for two years serving in Peace Corps. I was completely unprepared for the surprise I was about to receive from Patricia. I have to admit that I was somehow taken back by all the “glamour thing”. At the consultation I kept pushing back and Patricia kept pushing forward – explaining to me that we don’t need glamour preps to look like girls from the cover of the magazine. Eventually, I decided to trust her and see what will happen. The photo session was a lot of fun. We felt great! Our makeup was touched up for each look and hair styled and re-styled 3 times. There was champagne and fancy snacks. I guess in this kind of atmosphere it was easy to bring up the models hidden inside us. However, what totally blew me away was the final product! The pictures look like a dream I always had! While this was probably easy with my young and beautiful daughter, I am a woman in mid 40’s and I believed that I missed the window of opportunity to capture my external beauty and youth in the pictures. Today I can see that my grandchildren will look one day at these pictures and say “our grandma was one beautiful woman”! Turns out that we carry our beauty with us through our entire lives but sometimes the beauty hides somewhere under our skin. With a little help of makeup and of course a good dose of Patricia’s magic, the beauty comes up to the surface and looks right in to her lens! As for my little baby girl? I look at her pictures and for the first time in her life I see not a baby girl but a beautiful young woman full of potential and passion for life. I wish that every woman in this world could experience at least once in her life what I was able to experience on that session. This is definitely the best gift I’ve ever given myself.”

    Bozena 46, Mother of one

    I have to admit, I was a little nervous about the photoshoot. I am not the kind of person that can do stuff like that on a daily basis. It turned out to be really fun to pose and smile in front of the camera in those beautiful dresses. We laughed a lot and took some silly pictures at the end. I had a great time during the session. Nevertheless, I was very curious about the end result. When finally I saw my pictures, I was dazzled! I was amazed at the amount of compliments I got – never had I expected such a thing! I’ve been bullied some through fifth and sixth grade, when I was told I was weird, or ugly, or annoying. But I was a ‘fighter’ kid, and I would throw comments right back and tell myself over and over again that what they said wasn’t true. But still, it kind of put this thought in my head that I was just less ‘worthy’ than others. Well, it took me four years to realize how stupid that thought is! I can be whoever I want to be, I am beautiful, and I am certainly not less worthy than others – no one is! It’s this kind of idea that settles in young people’s minds, but it’s not true, it just isn’t! I can’t put in words how grateful I am for this photography session. Now I have pictures which will remind me always that I am beautiful, that every girl is, and that I am worth it. It was so much fun!”

    Isaure Teen, from the Netherlands

    Wonderful photographer! Patrycja will make you feel and look like a movie star. I really recommend the experience to every woman. If you ever thought that you are not photogenic think again! You will not believe the photos when you see them!

    Alexandra 35, Renowned Make-up Artist

    I think the biggest thing I took away from the session was being reminded how beautiful I am. It is so easy when you have a child or someone else to take care of, to forget about yourself. Your attention is on them and making sure they are happy. Having a day that is all about you and making you beautiful is so uplifting! You stand a little straighter, walk a little taller… You were beautiful before you had children and you are beautiful after, scars – no scars, belly fat – no belly fat. It is something I will always remember and a feeling I am sure to hold on to for a very long time.”

    Katie 40, Mother of one

    Before my session with Patricia, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d seen her work on her website, but didn’t believe I could look as beautiful as any of those ladies. I’ve had headshots done before and other photography sessions so I expected something similar – light makeup, a touch-up to my hair and a few photos. The session with her was an amazing surprise. Patricia goes 100% all out to make you feel like a beautiful and cherished woman. Lovely homemade sweets and fruit are laid out, coffee (and champagne!) are offered, and she encourages you to just relax and enjoy the pampering experience. Her unbelievably talented hair and makeup artist really knows what she is doing. She was able to create three distinct looks to go with separate outfits. Patricia ensures that everything is going smoothly every step of the way, from lighting to furniture placement. The day I spent with Patrycja was one of the most wonderful experiences ever. She really knows how to put you at ease, make you feel comfortable and the end result is sheer magic! She takes the time to make sure you are shown in your best light, at your best angle. And the final pictures are amazing! I cannot thank her enough for this amazing experience!

    Jennifer 40+ curvy girl, passionate blogger

    After the initial consultation with Patricia I was confident that she understood my personality and could take keepsake photos. I was not disappointed. Patricia had beautiful outfits for me to choose from and her make-up artist created magic with her brushes. Best of it all, she made me feel very comfortable with the whole experience: the temperature was just right (I’m a freeze baby) and there were nice snacks for me to enjoy. It was just perfect! The best part of the experience was still to get to see the pictures. They were more beautiful than I had imagined they would be. My husband and children were amazed as well, as were the friends I shared them with. Thank you, Patricia, for giving me pictures that will be cherished by my children and their children. They are truly remarkable and your work is sublime.

    Pia 46, Mother of two

    Hi there,

    « I believe beauty is not makeup or something on the outside – but it’s something that shines out from the inside of every person. »

    Would you like to have a beautiful portrait of yourself that you can share with the people you love the most? The kind of portrait that – 30 years from now – you would proudly show to your grandchildren? If so, this session is just for you. It is an ultimate “girl’s day out” and a perfect reason to celebrate yourself. It’s fun, complete with your hair and makeup done by one of the best makeup artists in the area – you’ll feel gorgeous, empowered and pampered like never before. I invite you for a very personal experience. It’s your time.

    Patricia Figurski

    Patricia Figurski  Patricia is an award winning, international published portrait photographer with 17 years of experience working in education and photography. Using camera as her tool she creates a truly transformative experiences for her clients. She’s based on the Philadelphia Main Line, where she lives with her husband and three sons.

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