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What is “Beloved” session?

It is a portrait session that emphasizes and celebrates your relationship in a unique way. There is no posing during the “Beloved” session, no smiles on command – the focus is really on the two of you. It’s your chance to spend time together and rediscover your love. It’s more than just pictures – it’s a living reminder of what matters the most.

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« There is this place in me where your fingerprints still rest, your kisses still linger, and your whispers softly echo. It’s the place where a part of you will forever be a part of me. »

– Gretchen Kemp

Included in your Beloved Portrait Session

One-on-one consultation

Don’t know what to wear or how to prepare? I have all the answers.

Fully guided photo shoot

So that you know you’ll look great on your pictures.

Great time at the session

No rushing and relaxed atmosphere.

Fully retouched images

Your portraits will be Magazine Cover worthy.

Private portrait reveal session

Help selecting your portraits and products.

Satisfaction guarantee

You will love your portraits or you buy nothing.

The $890 non-refundable session fee (includes $500 product credit) required at the time of booking.

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    What Clients Are Saying

    I just wanted to say that our photo session with you was one of the sweetest and most touching experiences in my life. While I am super-critical about myself and the way I look in pictures – I couldn’t find one flaw in any of the photos that you took. They turned out absolutely amazing!

    Thank you for making us feel so comfortable and creating that special time for us.”

    Kristin Dance Instructor

    Being married for almost 25 years and busy parents of a boy, we don’t often get time together. The session was so much fun! The games and questions really helped us remember how much we love each other and the good times we’ve had in our lives together. It was like a wonderful, special Date Night

    Regina Ardomore, PA

    Patricia did a Beloved photo session for my hubby and I. We loved it! We have never had pictures together where I could see that we love each other. These photos are the exact opposite! Not only can you see it in the pictures, hubby and I left the session feeling rejuvenated. Patricia took her time and was very patient with us. I would recommend her to everyone!

    Keisha Wayne, PA

    Our afternoon with Patricia was wonderful and something I will carry with me for a long time. She put us back into the honeymoon state when we were sharing, laughing and planning our future together. That special session helped me to see how far I have come and how far I am going to go with that wonderful man on my side. Tank you for that! I appreciate the beautiful moments and lovely portraits that remind me of that special day. We’ll cherish them forever.”

    Jessica Manahawkin, NJ

    Patricia is a great photographer. She made us feel very comfortable during our session. She is easy to work with and shows a tremendous passion for what she does. The quality of her pictures are great and the colors are incredible. A very unique experience that left us with beautiful memories. Highly recommended!”

    Joe Media, PA

    Hello! A session with me is always fun. I am very passionate about my work – I only take one client at a time, and I dedicate myself completely to working with you, so that you have the best experience possible. At my core I am an artist – with everything that it encompasses. I may appear disorganized, I may even not know what day it is, but I love to create. Whether it is the next family album, a piece of writing, or a new sort of cake for my table – it doesn’t matter, I’m equally excited. Check out my blog to see more about that. My total love of people and life is what drives me to do what I do. My faith, family and humanitarian work is very important to me. I wish there were no war, no hunger or abandoned children. Pretty idealistic you might say. Yes, I am that kind of person.

    Patricia Figurski

    Patricia Figurski Patricia is an award winning, international published portrait photographer with 17 years of experience working in education and photography. Using camera as her tool she creates a truly transformative experiences for her clients. She’s based on the Philadelphia Main Line, where she lives with her husband and three sons.

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