Merry Christmas! Dec24

Merry Christmas!

May the love and light of Christmas illuminate all your days, and through the New Year.

Malvern Fire Company Carnival Jul10

Malvern Fire Company...

The Malvern Fire Company is hosting an annual carnival at the Monument Memorial grounds. Since people from all over the area came to have fun, I, living down the street, couldn’t miss it even if I tried.

Chrusciki Feb26


Chruściki (meaning ‘twigs’), in some parts of Poland called ‘Faworki’ – are one of the pastries that are very popular in pre-Lenten time.

A story behind my fa...

We have one favorite spot where we take our family picture every ear. It just turned out naturally – we discovered that we have family pictures in the same place going few years back, and we decided to continue this ‘tradition’.

Our new Mother’s Day tradition May06

Our new Mother’...

Last year I picked up this idea from somewhere in the internet – to interview my boys about me as a mom, and Mother’s Day is a good occasion for that. This year I created my own questions. Some of my boys’ answers are hilarious, others will tell you a lot about me, about them and about our family…