Malvern Fire Company Carnival

The annual Malvern Carnival is here!

The Malvern Fire Company is hosting an enormous carnival at the Monument Memorial Grounds. There’s more than enough space on the grass to place up about a dozen of different rides and still have room for game stalls! A giant ferris-wheel towers over all, punctuating the very temporary skyline of flickering colored lights. It’s like a portable Disney World!

Since people from all over the area come to have fun, I, living down the street, couldn’t miss it if I tried. We went as a family, trying not to get lost in the crowd that accompanies every attraction.

Our family’s favorite was definitely a ride called “Scooter”, which is basically bumper cars enclosed in a large ring-type cage. A large cage, but too small to fit us all! Five aggressive drivers coming together doesn’t ever bode well, especially if they’re family. The Ferris Wheel had a surprising trait as well – we saw more close friends and neighbors while riding it than we did while simply walking around!

My youngest was particularly interested in the machine-gun “shoot the star” game, probably because the reward was an enormous black leopard. Everyone took their turn shooting, but we did not manage to wipe out the red star completely.


The best part always comes at the end, and so it did this time as well – fireworks flew up to mark the final day of the carnival. Eventually, we had to cross the street to get away from the crowd and have a better view. I took some pictures to save later, but, I have to admit, the real thing looked so much better!


See you on another Malvern Fair next year.

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