A story behind my family picture

We have one favorite spot where we take our family picture every ear. It just turned out naturally – we discovered that we have family pictures in the same place going few years back, and we decided to continue this ‘tradition’. One day, when my boys will grow up and go their own way, I’ll put all those pictures into an album. I’d like to see how they were growing and changing from boys to men.

We started off as usually – with some test shots to see if we all fit in the frame, if the light is good, and other basic things like that. Here is an example:


All was technically good on the test, so we went on with the family shots.



As you can see, this seemingly simple task: taking a self-portrait of my own family, turned out quite challenging this year. One thing you have to remember is that the mother of these boys is a professional photographer. I was practicing and improving my craft on my kids and I took tons of pictures of them – so now they are almost allergic to the camera. When I take it out, they say ‘Oh no! Not again!’. So I said to them, that we’re taking one last shot and this will be our family photograph for the year.


I really thought that this pose will do it. It didn’t quite work as I had expected, but then I had another idea…


Well, it was just plain crazy, but it did the trick and broke the ice! Their moods warmed up finally and we were able to take the shot I was hoping for:


This is officially our ‘family picture of 2013’, that will go into the albums.

Once we got that one, it was just pure fun! See for yourself:




I believe everyone should have their family picture taken at least once a year – it’s not so difficult to do this yourself. To take a family selfie you’ll need only a few basic things:

  1. Camera with a self-timer.
  2. Stable tripod.
  3. Good spot where you all can set yourselves up comfortably, with non-distracting background. It can be as simple as your own garage doors!
  4. A pound of patience and an ounce of creativity. First is required, the other always helps.

So keep your eye on the weather, and if the day is good, take your family out together and give it a try! If it doesn’t work, you can always contact me and I’d be happy to come and do this for you.