Zion National Park

Right in the heart of the desert in southern Utah you can find this gem – an amazing place with steep cliffs, narrow canyons and beautiful rivers.

Day trip from Las Ve...

One day after my classes at WPPI I had a free afternoon to go and see something. After a little research I decided to go to the Valley of Fire – Nevada’s oldest and largest state park.

WPPI Convention 2014

As every year in March, there was a big photography convention of WPPI in Las Vegas. Photographers from all over the world come to that convention to share their experience, learn new things, see new products, and most of all – meet new people.

Desert Rain

Last week, while on my way to Las Vegas for the WPPI conference, I’ve had an amazing experience. My plane was flying through a rain-storm – over the desert!

Children in Cambodia

I’ve met Katie and Matt, photographers from Brisbane/Australia, at the WPPI Conference in Las Vegas a month ago. Their talk was about how to be a better photographer and how your photography can change the lives of other people…

Day Trip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Apr15

Day Trip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

Have you ever been to Grand Canyon? It is one of those places that I am definitely going to show to my kids.

After the WPPI conference in Vegas, together with my good friend Ania – photographer from Wisconsin, we rented a car and went there for a one day trip. It was as crazy as you can imagine – almost 6 hour drive with one stop for a coffee, but definitely worth the whole trip. The beauty of the canyon just stunned us…

My very first WPPI experience

One week ago I returned from my trip to Las Vegas. What an incredible week that was!
I was able to attend the biggest international conference for Wedding & Portrait Photographers (WPPI). I met many great photographers, like: Jason Groupp, Sue Bryce, Jeremy Cowart, Jamie Schultz, Lori Nordstrom and many others. I made some friendships, listened to many teachings about the craft of photography and finally joined the ‘crew’ of professional photographers (PPA). What a joy to see what an incredible team we are!