Day Trip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon


Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? It is one of those places that I am definitely going to show my kids.

After the WPPI conference in Vegas, together with my friend Ania – photographer from Wisconsin (Ania Fields PhotoArt)Of note, every photograph where I appear was taken by Ania. I rented a car and went there for a day trip. It was as crazy as you can imagine – an almost 6 hour drive with one stop for a coffee, but definitely worth the whole trip. The beauty of the canyon just stunned us…







We decided to start with the East side of the park, because it’s definitely less commercial and draws fewer tourists. Taking advantage of the natural landscape, we went on some hikes around the Canyon, but nothing too bold or dangerous. We saw birds flying over, some were just sitting and looking over the edge of the Canyon. I was amazed by how massive it was, even just from one viewpoint! Suddenly, we were looking down 7000 feet through two billion years of history to the Colorado River below. It was huge. Especially because I am generally afraid of heights… Anyway, after a few hours I got brave enough to go closer to the edge.

They say in the books that one of the things you should see before you die is the sunset over the Grand Canyon. Since it was already getting late, we decided to go for it and see the sunset from Hopi Point that is located at the West side of the South Rim. The trick is, you cannot really drive there – we had to park our car at the visitor center, and a special bus took us to different viewpoints along the South Rim. Now, the real show began! Photographing the ever-changing Canyon face under the evening sun… was a bit of a challenge, but how incredible! The colors were beautiful. The rich orange and red shades combined with the dazzling pinks and even brown – it all looked amazing!




There is really nothing to prepare you for this incredible, six million years natural wonder. You have to go and see it for yourself – no tv channel, movie or photograph can make you feel once there. No small screen, no big screen, no screen of any size – it’s something you have to experience yourself!