Beloved photography session – Regina and Steve

Two months ago I have run a facebook contest for the “Beloved” session, and the winners were Regina and Steve. They were very happy and super-excited for it. When I met Regina for a coffee and quick consultation, I was moved by the way she was talking about her husband, and by the whole story of how they first met. I knew straight away that a session with them will be special.


I have been with my love for twenty five years now, married 24, ever since a fateful Spring Break trip to Death Valley, CA. Six days with no showers, no makeup, dust everywhere, in one of the most starkly beautiful and demanding places on earth challenges you to see the qualities within, rather than the image on the surface.”


I love his quiet strength, his nearly inexhaustible ability to be kind, his very surprising sense of humor, and, later, how he raises our son with me.”


After the session Regina send me that note:

Hi Patricia – we had SO much fun at the session. Steve even said that it was a great way to have a ‘date night’. He kept saying how much he really enjoyed doing this, and this man is not expressive generally.

Thank YOU for this great opportunity. We really loved it!”

Beloved sessions are not just photo shoots. They’re experiences – there just happens to be a photographer there to capture it. I believe that every couple should have this kind of experience every once in a while. No matter what – it’s good to make time for the person you love the most.