Glamour photography session with Isaure


Look at this teenage girl – she’s a real gem! Smart, multi-talented and charming at the same time. She lives in the Netherlands and came to America for a few weeks of vacation.

When she came to my studio, she was very reserved and almost too serious for her age. However, after we talked a bit, she relaxed and our session turned into one great time of fun: playing dress-up and goofing around with a camera. She loved it.


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Some time later, when I had finished work on her photographs and shared them with her, she sent me a letter explaining how she felt and what kind of experience it was for her. I’ve gotten her permission to share some parts with you:

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about the photoshoot. I am not the kind of person that can do stuff like that on a daily basis. It turned out to be really fun to pose and smile in front of the camera in those beautiful dresses. We laughed a lot and took some silly pictures at the end. I had a great time during the session. Nevertheless, I was very curious about the end result.

When finally I saw the pictures, I was dazzled! I was amazed at the amount of compliments I got – never had I expected such a thing! I’ve been bullied some through fifth and sixth grade, when I was told I was weird, or ugly, or annoying. But I was a ‘fighter’ kid, and I would throw comments right back and tell myself over and over again that what they said wasn’t true. But still, it kind of put this thought in my head that I was just less ‘worthy’ than others. Well, it took me four years to realize how stupid that thought is! I can be whoever I want to be, I am beautiful, and I am certainly not less worthy than others – no one is! It’s this kind of idea that settles in young people’s minds, but it’s not true, it just isn’t!

I can’t put in words how grateful I am for this photography session. Now I have pictures which will remind me always that I am beautiful, that every girl is, and that I am worth it. It was so much fun!”

Meet Isaure – an exceptional pianist, currently working on one of the Tchaikovsky’s seasons. She’s in her sophomore year at high school, and her favorite subjects are history, arts and English. She loves to read books, play field hockey, spend her time with friends, and GOD!


I believe every girl deserves a chance to feel beautiful and confident, and that session with you gave me just that.”