Sun, sand, and ocean

Summer at the beach was in full bloom this year: the sun, the sand, the ocean and lots of fun! I’ve been photographing families on Long Beach Island in NJ for 5 years now. This year – Ship Bottom, Surf City and Beach Haven were my places to go. I was enjoying the company of 6 kids, ages 1 through 10. We were playing, jumping, building the forts and running around. We had such a good time that more than once a passer-by stopped and offered to take a picture of me playing with my kids!

The sessions at the beach are by all means my favorite. I enjoy them so much that every year I come back to Ship Bottom to photograph people. When the summer ends, I look forward to the next summer throughout the rest of the year. I guess I must be a beach person…

Before-After template 2 copy
I’ve been so busy in the past weeks working on the images from those sessions, so it makes me really happy to see that some of them have already found their special place!

A note about Copyright

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