58 is Fabulous!

In today’s culture the youth and perfect beauty are idolized. There’s not enough women over 50 present in media. No wonder they often feel left out of the main stream of life, like there’s nothing more waiting ahead of them. The truth is, and I know this for a fact, that there is beauty in every woman. Whether you’re 20 or 70, you can rise and shine, and you don’t need any special treatment – for the beauty is already within you.


Take for example this 58 years old Italian lady that loves to cook, laugh and talk. She’s a mother, best friend, caregiver, sister, wife and a lovely person to all.


When she came to my studio, she didn’t expect anything spacial and had no idea what the experience will be like. Yet with every press of the shutter she was opening up more and more, feeling more confident and having fun. I saw a beautiful, elegant woman at her best! When I showed her one of the pictures on the back of my camera, I saw tears of joy and there was sudden silence – this was my most precious reward!

I love photographing women – did I write that already? The real ones with their different smiles, sizes, shapes and life stories. Moms of little kids, independent business women, young girls that want to define themselves, and beautiful ladies with kids in college, or even with grandkids. Every session with women over 50 brings a huge dose of joy to my studio.



Isn’t 58 fabulous!? No matter what’s your age – get in front of the camera and celebrate your beauty! Exist in photographs for your children!

About the author

Iā€™m Patricia, a European-American photographer based in Malvern, PA. A discriminating person who knows what I like and like what I do. Iā€™m passionate about my work ā€“ specializing in people and their relationships: loving families, couples in love, and lovely moms. Read more…