Love yourself now

There is never a day that goes by that I don’t feel grateful for. I am able to do what I absolutely love doing, which is: photographing women. Women just like me and you – normal, everyday women who come in all shapes and sizes. I create an amazing experience for them, so for this one day they can feel like models. I get to do this and call it a “job” – what a blessing!

When a few years ago I was starting my “Glamour” genre – I had no idea how big impact it will make in other people’s lives. I didn’t know that I will fall in love with photographing other “moms”. I simply wanted to create beautiful portraits for them, so one day when they pass away – their grandkids will find a beautifully matted portrait of their grandma, and they will be proud and amazed by all the charm, personality and beauty they would see in it. I wanted to create a portrait that will show the sensuality of every woman, her style and all the beauty that’s in her.

Too often I hear from women:

I don’t like myself in the pictures.”

There is nothing beautiful in me anymore.”

I need to lose some weight before I can commit to that photo-shoot with you…”

How long is it going to take before you realize and accept that you are beautiful NOW?

I know it’s not easy – when you are over 40, have delivered a few kids that you love more than anything in the world, and spend all your time and energy to make their lives better. But what about you? When do you plan to stop, look in the mirror and see – even that your ‘body’ is not perfect anymore – there are some things in you that are even more beautiful than when you were young? You changed – but for the better! You deserve a special time, just for yourself. You deserve to be adored, you deserve to feel beautiful and strong again – just as you felt in your youth.