Big change has come

The big change has finally come.

January 1st at midnight I am officially opening under a new brand: Fig Tree Portraits, and new web address:

My new brand: Fig Tree Portraits

You may have noticed that I’ve been using my new brand for some time already. In fact, you could access the brand new Glamour, Beloved and Kids and Families pages on the new domain for about a month. Even the old blog content is transferred there, including this post. For your convenience I made the blog look almost the same, so there will be no getting-used-to. The main difference is that my new website is completely responsive – it will look great on a phone as well as on a big-screen computer, and everything in between.

The “Fig Tree Photography & Design” brand is going away, and it will be deactivated on January 1st. Actually, this is the last blog post that appears under the old address.

So, an important note to you, if you have subscribed to my blog: you will no longer receive notifications of new posts. You need to re-subscribe on my new page to continue to get notifications.

Another, worth mentioning reason for the change is that I am “spinning-off” the Design part of my business. My husband is taking it over, so the former web-design part of Fig Tree will now be called Web Smelter and will have a separate website (coming up soon).

I also thought that the new web address “” is more straightforward and easier to remember, and it better reflects the nature of what I’m doing.

This seems like a change big enough, but there’s more! With the new brand I am also launching a new price structure and new products. Stay tuned for updates in the beginning of January, although keep in mind these will be posted on the new blog, and you need to resubscribe to get notified.

Wishing all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2016!