Gift of gratitude


If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.ā€

ā€• Meister Eckhart

Thanksgiving is the very special time of the year, when we think about all our blessings.
I believe we should be thinking about them every day—but often in the everyday craziness it’s hard to stop and reflect. It’s hard to see what we have, when often we are looking at what we miss in our lives or what we wish for.

I have many reasons to be grateful: my family, especially my boys that fill my life with joy of great and not so great moments, my husband that’s the best man I know, all my friends and brothers and sisters from all over the world that are praying for me and supporting me.
I am grateful for my ability to see the funny side of things (nearly always), finding solutions in every situation I face.
I am grateful for doing the job I truly love and all my gifts that are helping me better serve others.
For all my clients, even the tricky ones!

I am grateful for roof over my head, heat in the cold winter night, long leaf tea with a slice of lemon and fire in my fireplace.
Grateful for being able to make people laugh either with me or at me and knowing that Iā€™m no better than anybody and no worse…

First and foremost, I am thankful for my beautiful body: my hands that help others and know how to make beautiful and tasty things, my two legs that work just fine and lead me into places I need to go, my eyes that see so many amazing colors and beauty in others, my ears that hear my kids laughter and cry, my hair that are still on my head, my mind that is working and bringing me many ideas for life, my heart that’s beating…

I am grateful for every Sunset and new Sunrise…
Another day to live.