Mom & daughter glamour photography session

What a special session I’ve had! Two beautiful women – a mom and a daughter – came to celebrate their relationship with my glamour session. They enjoyed their makeup and photoshoot together… and felt special and beautiful again!

Gosia and her daughter Alicia seem quite different at first glance, but they have a lot in common after all. They both love to travel and see new places. For both – France is their favorite place on earth. The French language, French food, French movies and castles – they love it all! Together, they can spend hours enjoying their hot tea in little tea cups. Yes – both are tea connoisseurs – black tea, green tea, red tea, leaf tea – you name it – they know them all…

Meet the mom that has the most beautiful blue eyes I have seen in a long time. She is 52 and still fabulous!



Gosia is a busy mom of Philip, Alicia and Adam. She loves cookies and everything that’s covered in chocolate. You might say – a real ‘sweet lady’ by any definition.


Here is the beautiful Alicia! A student of art that loves to play her bass guitar and listen to alternative rock. What a girl!





See for yourself how beautiful they look together.